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By DbdbRobot

Tested and Proven:

The best time to write for me is early mornings. When my wife is still asleep. It’s not that I particularly need to be solo in a quiet place. I can sit down and can focus pretty well even if I’m surrounded by people and noise. Sometimes I even write in bed while watching Rick Sanchez. Well, not really watching it. I just use the television sometimes as some sort of ambient device tool.

But when your in the middle of a chain of thought that’s the beginning of what looks like a good idea that you should put in writing right now, and your significant other is trying to tell you something that she considers important, and you say to her, “what’s that honey?”, well, good luck that night.

I can’t explain it scientifically, but producing words takes a huge chunk of our brain power. You really have to pay attention. I suppose the reason that it’s so brain consuming is that the speed of your fingers are fighting with the speed of your thoughts. I am sure thoughts travel at the speed of light. By the time you put your thoughts in writing, you probably had thousands of other thoughts in your subconscious. Even if you do a brainstorm or freewrite and try to write every single thought that occurs to you, you’re just not going to capture everything that’s in there. The mind is like a universe. The more you peek, the more you’re going to miss.

This is really the point of doing it every day. It’s a way to approximate as much to having a kind of symbiotic relationship between your brain and fingers.