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Live Like You’re Dying

Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk writes some profound advice for Men’s Health Magazine.

In addition to exercising regularly and eating right, I make it a top priority to commit suicide every couple of years…

…Self-euthanasia is a major trend in the making. Each year in the United States, some 26,000 men die by their own hand, including some smarter, braver men than you and me. Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Cobain, Spalding Gray, David Foster Wallace. These were men of infinite accomplishment, finances, and talent, and we will miss them. But if you’re going to check out, you must first promise to take on a more difficult task. You’ll have to wait 7 days, and in that last week of your life, you’ll have to perform what I glibly refer to as the Three C’s. Don’t worry, the time will fly by. Like the final week at a job you hate, every moment will be gilded with nostalgia and sweetened with the knowledge that you’re a dead man walking. The Ultimate Temp. The game’s almost over, and you’re just running out the clock.

via The Essential Man