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While Facebook’s popularity keeps rising, its reputation has been dropping since the recent privacy changes. Betty White declared it a waste of time when she hosted SNL, even though her hosting was supposedly possible because of Facebook. She was joking of course, but I don’t think FB is a brand that people feel they should apologize to. Some people have deleted their accounts. Others are considering it.

I was reading a post over at the Tomorrow Museum called “Friend Hoarding“. That post led me to “Facebook is Worse Than AOL“. There’s a quote in that last post from Matt Haughey, founder of MetaFilter, that says that (paraphrased) “Facebook is like AOL in 1997 wanting to be everything to anyone”. But as the saying goes, when you try to be good at everything, you never get good at anything.

Facebook’s popularity is surely not going to stop growing, but they’re getting more infamous than famous. They’re trying to be the hub of the web, but the web is a huge wild animal. You just can’t put it in a white and blue container. They’re trying to be too big and they’re certainly going to fail if they keep trying.

*See what I did there with the subtitle?