The video was posted 4 years ago, but the advice Doctorow gives on writing is ageless, particularly what he says during the last minute.

Don’t be one of those writers who has to light a candle, and clean the cat, and wash the dishes, and vacuum the house, and put away all the books, and do 20 minutes of yoga, and go for a brisk walk, and you know, contemplate your navel before you can set a word down on a page. If you go back and you re-read your work you won’t know which pages you wrote on days when you were feeling completely uninspired and which pages you wrote on days when you were having a great time. And by not letting yourself get trapped in the ceremony and the myth of the muse that has to visit you before you can commit to writing, you will be a writer. Because a writer is someone who writes, not someone who complains about writing.

via Words and Coffee