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I’m hoping on making the CSS upgrade soon, but before I start messing things up, I want to have an idea of what I’ll actually do so I can fix things back easily. I get the gist of CSS but there’s still a lot I have to learn. My knowledge of HTML and CSS it’s still at the basic level.

Learning web markup code isn’t that difficult and there are many resources online that get you up to speed. But the reason I have stayed at a basic level is because I’ve only learned bits and pieces. And really, all we want to do is to make our pages look pretty.  We only learn something that we can use and the rest is quickly forgotten.

So in the spirit of the advice that says that the best way to truly learn something is to try and teach it, I’ll be logging my attempts here at learning the basics of web design. Again, there are many resources on the web you can read. Trust me, I’ll be reading them too and sharing the ones I think are the most useful. But I’m hoping the benefits of doing this are twofold: Strengthening what I learn about CSS and perhaps helping someone who’s interested learn.

*The goal for know is to make this into a once a week series. I created a new category called Learning Series to make it easier for those interested to follow.