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NYTimes writes trend piece abt how effing hipsters use laptops in coffee shops | HIPSTER RUNOFF | THE ALT REPORT

Hipster Runoff deservedly makes fun of a NyTimes piece called Destination: LAPTOPISTAN. The NYT article practically begs you to smirk at it with its “angry-old-man-at-young-kids-these-days” tone.

Though I had been a freelance writer for the last eight years, I had always worked at home, clad in pajamas and brewing my own fuel rather than paying $3 for someone to make pretty designs in my caffeinated foam. Whenever my wife suggested that I get out of the house, maybe take my laptop to a cafe, I shot back: “Real freelancers don’t work in coffee shops. It’s just unemployed hipsters and their unpublished novels, or screenplays, or Facebook stati.”