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Radiohead: 01 and 10 | Puddlegum

This is a bit old, but a really interesting theory about how Radiohead’s In Rainbows was meant to be complemented with OK Computer. This is not a huge stretch since many music critics and fans alike agree that In Rainbows is like a second part to OK Computer. The site Puddlegum has more details about it with heated and interesting comments. But all you have to do is to make a playlist just like the one below:

01 and 10.png

After listening to the 1.5 hour playlist my conclusion is that yes, there seems to be connections there, but it’s more musically than thematically. With a little imagination you can easily connect the albums thematically, but it’s not something that’s evident in itself. The two starting tracks, Airbag and 15 Step have a similar DJ Shadow drum loop. Things definitely start to get freaky with Paranoid Android a song that thematically deals with someone that’s afraid of people controlling him and his mind, then you get Bodysnatchers, followed by Subterranean Homesick Alien. But after that it’s really just a nice playlist to listen to.

(Via Kottke)