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Pic by Cory Schmitz

The first decade of the new century and of the new millennium is almost over. It sounds so grand and science fiction-y saying it like that. The twenty first century. The year two thousand. I’m going to sound like the double rainbow guy, but thinking about how big those numbers are and what it all means just puts me in awe. We take it for granted but it’s incredible to be alive right now. The 911 attacks will be the biggest historic point of the decade, but it will also be the decade the internet went all the way mainstream and I’m glad I’ve got to live through it and be a part of it. It still remains to be seen what will the long term impact will be. Has it really been a revolution? Will it kill all traditional media? Is it making us stupid, smarter, more connected, or happy? There’s no doubt it has changed, and it’s still changing, how we communicate. But how big or how little it’s impact has had in our lives still remains to be seen. This is probably only the beginning.

Happy new year people. Hope you have a good one.