WordPress announced a challenge for 2011 to get you to blog more often. The challenge is to post once a day or once a week for the entire year. I’m going for the harder one of one post a day. Just to see how far I can go. I’ve always wanted to participate in something like this but I’m a bit wary about 365 day projects. For a while now, it has become easier for me to write everyday. What’s difficult is writing something good everyday.

At first you feel enthused about a project like this. You can see far ahead all the topics you could tackle once a day. Of course, you’re overestimating the number of topics you think you’ll have for 365 days, when it’s more likely that after post 20 you’ll start staring at a blank editor.

But still, this is more about quantity and not quality as someone mentioned in the comments. The idea is about habituation. Let’s give it a shot.

You can read more about the challenge and follow along over at The Daily Post.