I already can see clearly that I’ll write often about the process of writing and drafting. This meta problem of writing about writing and blogging about blogging is unavoidable if one doesn’t choose a topic beforehand. But I’m ok with this. It’s something that’s expected. I’m just going to let the writing take it’s natural course.

Not that I wont be writing about specific topics. I’m hoping on writing throughout the year about the key topics I say that this blog is about, which are media, technology, and personal development. And to the couple of people who have been following this blog, I’ll keep posting links and other things of interests like I always have.

But in the meantime I’ll be writing about the different tools I’ve been using like text editors and blogging apps like MarsEdit. About brainstorming. I’ll write about my routines and media diets. I’ll write about what I’m reading. I’ll write about how much time it takes me to write 5oo words. I’ll write about how I have to plan a least 7 posts in advance because on January 15 I’ll be taking a trip to Kissimmee, Florida to visit my family.

As I mentioned in the previous post announcing that I will be participating, it’s not difficult for me to write everyday. I journal every day at least 200 words. I post a tweet or two a day. I’ve learned to block that part of the brain that inhibits what you put in words. I learned how to get it drunk for a while. Once you learn to do that, it’s pretty easy to “write” everyday. What’s difficult and what gets you to good writing is taking those jumbled ideas and putting them together as best as you can.