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In Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art one key idea is the idea of resistance. Pressfield calls resistance the enemy. It also can be called fear, restraint, doubt, or procrastination.

But what do we fear exactly? And the more important question, why do we fear? Resistance is an automatic mechanism that lives in your unconscious and reacts every time we feel discomfort. It does it’s job. It will do everything to keeps us in comfort. Resistance dislikes risk. It dislikes ambiguity. Writing everyday, in public, is somewhat of a risk.

My biggest fear is sounding like an earnest douche. That’s the basic concern most people have. The thought is that it’s inevitable to write about banal things when you’re writing everyday. In that 24 hour time frame there’s no room to write something more in depth, of more quality, or meaningful. Even with the popularity and acceptance of blogs by the mainstream, many people still view blogs as just “dear diaries” in public, even when people aren’t posting anything personal per se.

I say to all that: Stupid is as stupid does. Or: Love is in the eye of the beholder. One person could find your post about your day in the park the biggest yawn inducing piece, others could find it as the most inspiring thing they have ever read. You can never write for a general audience. To quote another writer, William Zinsser writes in  On Writing Well, “Never try to picture a mass audience, there’s no such thing. Every reader is a different person”.