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A Whole Lotta Nothing: Quick thoughts on Pinboard

Meta Filter creator Matt Howie gives a terrific review of Pinboard and how it compares to Delicious.

[…]the site bills itself as “anti social networking” and “bookmarks for introverts”. I understand some of the backlash over weird twitter/screenshots/popularity integration at Delicious, but like Twitter, on Delicious you choose your followers and once you find a couple dozen amazing web surfers marking up interesting out-of-the-way places before anyone else does, you might find like me that the /network/ feature of Delicious is a killer once-a-day visit that often leads to half a dozen interesting finds. It’s odd to me that one of the principal features at Pinboard called out on their “Delicious vs. Pinboard” page is NOT being able to identify who is following you even though Pinboard will tell you how many people follow you. I found quite a number of interesting Delicious users from people that were “fans” of mine (I always liked that use of the word at Delicious, better than “follower” or “subscriber”). After the great exodus from Delicious to Pinboard last week, someone built a tool to try and locate people that migrated from one service to another, but it would have been nice if that was native to Pinboard itself.

I’ve been considering switching to Pinboard. The service looks superb and I don’t mind paying the registration fee. But I’m still a bit on the fence about it. Since Delicious doesn’t seem to be going away at the moment, I feel like I would be maintaining two bookmarking services and I don’t know if I have more room to pay attention to another web thingy. And I rarely use Delicious’ social features. I have three people in my network and recently been lurking through Merlin Mann’s archive.

I’m gonna have to jump that fence to find out.