What I decided to do is to share some links during my one week vacation. Starting tomorrow January 15th to January 23 the posts will be links to articles I’ve read last year. The links were picked randomly from my Instapaper Favorites. User name is JayCruz if you want to follow on Instapaper. I picked a little bit of everything and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, if you enjoy long form articles on psychology, philosophy, music, writing, films, and other miscellanea. They will be 9 posts and they will be scheduled to post accordingly.

I wont be disconnected completely. I’ll have an iPhone and a laptop with me so I’ll be checking in here ocassionally. But I’m taking a proper vacation, which means that I don’t want to work or be tied to a schedule and more importantly, I don’t want nothing interrupting me having fun with my 4 month old niece.