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Back to Work – Episode #1 Alligator in the Bathroom

There was a funny a coincidence during my time over at central Florida. I was browsing Twitter and I saw Merlin Mann announcing his new podcast with Dan Benjamin. The podcast is called Back to Work. The first coincidence was that they talked about living in Florida, which like every gleeful vacationer, I started considering how cool it would be to live there. But the other coincidence was the part about priorities. While I was there with my family, nothing else mattered. I didn’t need a list to check. I didn’t need Omnifocus. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the the productivity pr0n stuff. I love making lists, using Omnifocus, self-tracking, and all that stuff. But when something is truly important, it is self evident. Priorities are just constructs of the mind. What’s important is what’s in your plate right now. You can’t be pulling out a list every time.

Anyway, I think Back to Work is definitely going to be my favorite podcast. Go check it out.