So I missed 5 days of postaday2011. Should I beat myself up about it? Nah. I would like to say that I’m disappointed, but I’m actually not because instead of excuses, I have good reasons. The reasons have been about the family and the job. The blog is important to me up till a certain level, but my family and career come first. If after dealing with that I have a pocket of time to deal with this, then god bless. I was also expecting it to happen sooner or later, but I was hoping for later. At least to pass the first 30 days. But still, posting for 27 days has been a big deal for me.

The question now is: Should I quit post a day and move to post a week? Should I just keep numbering the posts until the year ends? Should I come up with 4 posts to catch up? I’m thinking right now that I would like to catch up. At least the rules of post a day are pretty lax. Because the whole point of Post a Day/Week is to get people to post more and all of us that have participated have already accomplished this.

The start of this year has been unpredictable in a good way, so I’m predicting that this will happen again. This year is definitely going to be a big year a change for me no matter what happens.