The past week has been a whirlwind of activity and stress. I applied for a job transfer last January and this past Sunday(February 27) I got the call with the approval. The job is in Florida. I have, as of now, 9 days left.

Anyone who has gone through the moving project knows how stressful it can be. If people moved more, there would be less hoarders in the world. Moving is not just complex because it is physically demanding, but how much of an existential problem it is. You literally and metaphorically have to leave a lot of shit behind. Like the U2 song. That’s the culprit of the stress.

The classic problem is how to empty the house on time. There’s just too many decisions to make. Things to throw away, things to give away, things to sell, stuff to store to have shipped for a later date. But after many semi-heated discussions with the wife, I realize that the real problem is focusing on the how of getting to results, instead of getting to results.

With that said, I think it’s obvious that I’m gonna have to throw the towel with the post a day thing. I don’t think I can jump in to the post a week one either.

I’ll be around as always. Like every average inconsistent blogger.