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Episode 57 of Mac Power Users (Power Text Editing) was an awesome episode. For a person that loves goofing around with text editing apps, it is absolute nerdom. One thing I loved about the episode was that they cleared up the difference between text editing and word processing. There was a nice recap on Markdown and how it can all be glued together. They had Brett Terpstra with them. He’s the man behind the forked version of Notational Velocity, nvALT, a writing tool I use almost every day.

They also gave an excellent primer on super power text editing apps like Textmate and BBEdit. Even though these two are not something that I see myself needing, I’m still going to goof around with them. Particularly with BBEdit. But that’s because I’m a fiddly fiddler. I’ve also been using iA Writer, which I like a lot. This post was written entirely in Writer. But now I feel like I bought the wrong app. I’m definitely going to take a look at Byword.

And here comes the PSA.

I know about the huge time sink it can be when trying out different apps that basically in the end do the same thing. But the thing is, if it weren’t for the fiddly geeks that try all these apps, everything will stay stagnant and wouldn’t grow. I know that we should keep it simple, but you can go even more simple and write with just pen and paper. Of course that wouldn’t be very effective. I think there’s a false dichotomy here. Either going with the complex way or going with the simple way. Simplicity is not the absence of complexity or vice-versa. It’s not that simple.

Anyway, do go listen to the episode.