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“I finally cracked it” – Marco.org

My wife and I watch TV shows on a TV set, but I wouldn’t say that we “watch TV”.

To me, “watching TV” means turning on a TV set to watch whatever is “on”. More specifically, turning on the TV set and a cable box (and, for many people, a standalone audio receiver as well), to watch whatever is being broadcast on cable TV at the moment, possibly flipping through channels regularly, in order to kill time. It’s an inherently passive activity: infinite entertainment passes by with no effort or interaction required. When one show ends, another begins.

It’s funny. My wife and I recently moved to a new apartment. Well, we moved in but haven’t really moved in totally. We’re waiting on furniture, painting, cleaning, organizing, etc. You know, first world problems. We’re going the same route of just getting internet service and stream things from the web through Netflix and others. But we’re doing it more because we have to, than we want to. Cable TV is too expensive and it’s just not so simple to get just internet. Cable companies make it very difficult for you. To get a justifiable monthly price for just internet, you have to bundle the service with TV, and/or phone lines. Shit you don’t want. Plus your choices are limited when it comes to “shopping around”. A cable provider is usually in control of one particular area or county. Your limited, or in my case you just have plain bad luck. Like not being able to get TV through satellite like Dish or DirectTV because of the location of the building and associations prohibiting putting antennas on the roof, or the phone line wiring being to old and not being able to transmit a TV signal. Yep, those things happened to us.

So that’s my situation. I’ll probably just get an antenna to get the local channels and “watch tv” in that traditional sense Marco refers to, but I’m sure I will be doing it way less and I’m looking forward to doing it way less. It’s time to really direct the tv and not let it direct you.