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Focused dabbling – Neven Mrgan’s tumbl

Neven Mrgan reacts to what Dan Benjamin said on a Back to Work episode about side businesses and if it’s even possible to be successful at them.

What makes a hobby a business is whether you can make money with it, and we all probably agree that it would be great if we could make money with our pastimes. Focusing specifically on the money-making aspect is a recipe for headache, but a smart person who already makes money at their “day job” has a lot of low-stress options for making money with a hobby these days. Will it be enough money to cover the recording of that album, the writing of that book, the making of that app? Maybe not. But with hobbies, you have to count the pleasure you derive from the effort as income; substantial income, too, otherwise you’d be better off with another hobby.

(Via Kung Fu Grippe)