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The Flip Side of a Big Audience | Smarterware

Gina Trapani on being known on the web. She’s not talking about fame per se. At least not the Perez Hilton web-to-mainstream-fame level, but about the receiving-a-lot-of-email level famous.

Having a big audience means you’re a commodity, and you get to constantly field pitches from strangers, acquaintances, former co-workers, and distant family members who you never hear from otherwise asking you to mention their new app, book, Kickstarter project, or MySpace page. People decide how important you are by your Klout score and treat you accordingly. Ad agencies look up how much your tweets are worth and recruit you to tweet on behalf of their clients for money. It’s a bizarre and sometimes awkward crash course in saying “sorry, no” to the requests that just don’t feel right (and most of them don’t).

Are you sure you still want a big audience?