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Programming is the new High School Diploma

Daniel Markham argues that “programming” is going to be a required skill in life just like reading, writing, and math. He’s using programming as a broad term meaning to have the skill of knowing how to tell a computer to do something.

It used to be there were four tiers of work in the United States. The first tier was for the truly uneducated: the illiterate. The second tier was for people who could be counted on to read and write and perform basic math: the high school graduates. Then there were folks who could be counted on to learn a lot more and take up positions of greater complexity: the college graduates. Finally there was a spot in the job market every so often for an expert.

Newsflash: the second and third tier are going away. In it’s place is a single tier: people who are literate and are able to control computers. And we’re nowhere near ready for the changes coming.