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On iPads and Personal Computers: A Post-PC Retrospective

Federico Viticci over at Macstories writes about the hard to pin down concept of a “Post-PC” device, what that is, and if the iPad is such a device.

There’s been a debate lately as to whether the iPad can fit into the so-called PC category. Following the release of several estimates and market research studies showing much different results when the iPad is included in the overall PC sales of the entire industry, a number of people have voiced once again their opinions on the matter, producing a variegate mix of diverging points. Our writer Graham Spencer chimed in as well, analyzing the reasons behind certain people’s assertion that the iPad can’t be a PC because it can’t fully replace a personal computer.

I used to be a skeptic about the idea of the iPad replacing a traditional personal computer, but I’m beginning to see that it’s only a matter of time when that’s the only computer you will ever need. With iCloud, the device is no longer a peripheral device. However, I think this whole debate about Post-PC devices is missing the point. The iPad is a computer and it’s certainly personal. I couldn’t be more personal. It’s not what you could call a traditional personal computer nor is it a single purpose device. It has different hardware and a different user interface. But it’s not really post-anything. It’s not a breaking point. It’s not an after the personal computer, computer. It’s just a computer disguised as a multi-media consumption appliance.

Maybe this era will be known as the time when computers reached appliance-hood.

(Via Shawn Blanc)