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AdviceToWriters – ATW INTERVIEWS – Andy Ihnatko

Andy Inhatko was interviewed over at Advice to Writers. As Shawn Blanc noted, his take on writer’s block is excellent. When asked if he has ever suffered from writer’s block he answers:

No. There have been times when I haven’t been confident about what I was writing; times when I’ve had no clue about how to continue something; certainly there’ve been days when I haven’t felt like writing and even a few days when I’ve felt like I’d already written my last thing, ever.

These are all tangible problems with workable solutions. I can deal with tangible problems. If I were to believe in “Writer’s Block” I’d be taking a fear that I haven’t explored and I’d be amplifying its paralytic power by giving it a name.

No, no, no. You don’t have “Writer’s Block.” You’re bored with what you’re writing right now. So write something else! You think what you’re writing stinks. You’re probably right; well, keep working and make it better! You don’t know how to continue? This means that you’ve encountered a problem and the problem won’t just resolve itself so you should just keep hammering at it.