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For those who follow Apple tech news, or tech news in general, this should be old news to you. But for those who don’t, here’s a quick recap: Some weeks ago This American Life aired an episode that was dedicated entirely to Mike Daisy’s monologue show. In this show Daisy tells his story about a trip he made to the Foxconn factory in China and many things that have been reported elsewhere. Daisy was interested in knowing more about the factory workers who made all his lovely Apple products. He talks about the terrible working conditions of the factory workers. He tells a very dramatic and moving story and I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people’s opinion about Apple were formed because of hearing his tale. (Those that are saying now that they suspected that Daisy was lying are bullshiting) I sure was fooled and I even took a cheap shot at accusing Gruber of blind Apple partisanship because when the Daisy story was bubbling up around the web, he was awfully quiet about it for some time. He eventually spoke about on his 5by5 Podcast The Talk Show.

Turns out that a lot of what Daisy claimed that happened wasn’t true. He did some huge fudge facting. The Retraction episode is like the Oprah vs James Frey of tech scandals. And this comparison is almost literal. Daisy did a monologue called Truth which followed the fictional and non-fictional stories of James Frey. So if you haven’t listened to episode, do so.