I’m leaving the internet for a year | The Verge

Paul Miller, writer for the Verge, is unplugging.

Now I want to see the internet at a distance. By separating myself from the constant connectivity, I can see which aspects are truly valuable, which are distractions for me, and which parts are corrupting my very soul. What I worry is that I’m so “adept” at the internet that I’ve found ways to fill every crevice of my life with it, and I’m pretty sure the internet has invaded some places where it doesn’t belong.

I’m also interested in a sans-internet reality as a technology writer. There was a time when technological innovation didn’t seem intimately linked to the internet. Most pre-80s sci-fi, for instance, explored those futures. Now I’d like to examine what modern technology looks like in a TCP/IP vacuum. Is the internet truly the oxygen of our electronics, or just an important piece?

I’ve always wondered if I could do it too, but a whole year seems like torture. I would like to try it for 30 days first. Some day.

(Via Shawn Blanc)