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Lasting value – Marco.org

Marco ruminates on the bigger picture of writing about Tech.

I recently had a good reason to look through my blog archive for a handful of articles that were very good, relatively timeless, interesting to a broad audience, and G-rated that didn’t include any references to celebrities, political figures, or well-known trademarks. I thought I could easily come up with 5–10 suitable picks.

I found very few. And the most recent pick, the weakest by far, was almost a year old.

It was sobering.

I think Marco is selling himself a bit short. I think his products reviews are not going to be timeless in the context that a specific product or gadget will still matter in thirty years. Thirty years from now there will probably be something better than an Aeropress or a better MacBook Pro, but I find his writing to be one of the best in the Tech/Web world. One article of his I keep coming back to is “I finally cracked it” were he writes about the rumored Apple Tv Set, but it turned out to be about so much more than that. It made me think a lot about watching Television deliberately and smarter. And generally of how I spend my time with media. That for me has lasting value.