Tyler Cowen, writer for the economics blog Marginal Revolution, said once in an interview that you get the readers you deserve. I used to believe that was true, but after having this blog for almost 4 years know, I’m starting to doubt it. If you asked me in 2008 if that were true, I would say absolutely. But if you ask me that now, I would say it depends. This is not just about hard work and showing up. There are so many variables to consider, and one of those variables you can’t do anything about. That variable is luck. I don’t believe in luck, but having success at this is more about luck than anything.

Yes, you have get better at writing. Yes, you have to find a topic that you’re passionate about. Yes, you have to promote the blog like a mad man. But that is probably not going to matter all that much either.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m truly grateful for the two or three loyal readers I have. But I know that this blog deserves more than three readers.

But I keep doing this because I truly love doing it. Every time I click publish is like a shot in the dark, but I still enjoy the process of putting words together and putting it out there. And I’m going to keep working harder and showing up until I just can’t do it anymore for whatever reason, even if that doesn’t get me the readers I deserve.