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Getting absolute dead silence is brutal. This is why working in a creative field is so hard. I don’t care what anyone says, but getting any type of feedback on your work, be it negative or positive, is way “better” than being ignored. And I understand that receiving negative feedback can completely destroy your confidence, perhaps even stopping you to keep on making stuff, but if you learn to detach yourself from your work you can learn from that negative feedback. If you learn to have “artistic distance“, when you get negative feedback you can easily spot who’s just trolling you from who’s really giving constructive criticism.

Being ignored on the web is like being a bum holding up a cardboard sign, seeing everyone pretending to not see you. It really is not a good feeling. Who ever says that they don’t write for an audience, and just do it for themselves is just lying. They’re lying to themselves. Because you don’t have to publish things to the public in order to write. You can always write and no one has to see what you write. But the job of being a writer doesn’t work that way. Writers need readers and vice versa. Writers literally need readers in order to make a living off it.

Feedback on blogs don’t have to be with just comments. That’s not what I’m exactly asking for, though it could help. Comments on blogs as a feedback mechanism is hotly debated. Getting linked to, or just getting more traffic can be more than enough feedback for me. But getting absolutely zero activity doesn’t help. How can you know how good you are? How can you know how much you suck? If a blog falls in the giant woods of the web, does it make a sound?