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A little over a month has passed since I opted in to the WordAds program. WordAds is WordPress own ad banner program. I was hopeful and thought I was going to make some good dough. But the earning report for the month of May indicates that I made a whopping $1.68. That’s terrible. I know I don’t have the kind of traffic that will make me earn a “living” from ads. I believe you need a couple of thousand daily hits to make “good” money. But I had no idea that having ads with an average traffic of 40 hits a day is almost like having no ads. If you add up the hours put in vs the earnings, I made negative cents an hour.

The ads also were never relevant to anything that I posted about. It was always a Pepsi ad. Like Google’s AdSense, they only release payments when you make $100. At $1.68 a month, you will have to wait 60 months to get paid. That’s 5 years. Read that last sentence again. Yep, you’ll get the check in the year 2017.

So of course, I’m taking the WordAds down. I’m still curious though on how much traffic you would need a month to hit $100.