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Apple Stores’ Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay – NYTimes.com

I’m so glad the NyTimes published this story. Here’s the thing: People have no fucking clue how shitty it is to work at retail, specially the computer/electronics retail sector. And specially as a “computer technician” with theme park-like job titles like Apple Genius and Geek Squad Agent. I smirk when reading that a sales staff Apple employee is paid 11.25 an hour and get filled with boiling anger that an Apple Genius gets paid “a little more over than $40,000 a year.”

“Thousands of incredibly talented professionals work behind the Genius Bar and deliver the best customer service in the world. The annual retention rate for Geniuses is almost 90%, which is unheard-of in the retail industry, and shows how passionate they are about their customers and their careers at Apple.”

That 90 percent figure sounds accurate to Mr. Garcia, who quit last July after four years with the company, overwhelmed by the work and unable to mollify employees and customers alike. Plenty of technicians do, in fact, like their jobs, which vary around the country, and which pay in the range of $40,000 a year in the Chicago area. Many technicians, though, wanted to leave but were unable to find equivalent work, according to Mr. Garcia and other former managers, in part because of the weak economy.

Hey, Ny Times, I’m an almost ex Geek Squad/Best Buy employee and I’m available for an interview.