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The reason there hasn’t been any new content for the past four months is because I’ve been extremely busy. I’m working two jobs and I haven’t had time to sit down and string a couple of words together. The tiny pockets of time I do get I either use it to rest, sleep, or spend time with the family.

But this is not an apology or a complaint. And I hope this doesn’t turn out to be just another billionth “Sorry for not posting” post. Even though I’m overworked and tired, it has been one of the most interesting and positive four months I had in a while. I’ve done a lot of soul searching. I’ve had a rocky and dispiriting year, but I managed to survive it. Things have turned out extremely well in the end.

This is more of a “Hey, don’t you forget about me internet” plea. I’m always around. I keep in touch mostly with Twitter these days and always check on occasion with my overflowing Google Reader feeds. I use Facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends. So I haven’t completely tuned out.

But I miss this a lot. Blogging is the only web publishing form that gives me the opportunity to present myself in a less fragmented way. While these “new” web communication tools like Facebook and Twitter are great for their brevity and ease of use, they are pretty bad at giving you the opportunity to present a more fuller self.

Stay tuned.