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If you’ve been on the internet for the past couple of days, particularly on Twitter, then you might have heard that Google Reader is being killed. The web based RSS reader that’s loved by info hoarders everywhere is going to shut down on July 1st. As of now, when you log in to the service it will prompt you to let you know that you can export your data. I’ve been a heavy user of GReader for years, but I have to admit that I wasn’t using it as much for the past year or so. I use the Reeder app on the iPhone, which imports all my subscriptions, maybe once or twice a week. I always have thousands of unread feeds. But I never really stopped using it. I’m still kind of upset that it’s going away.

It’s been interesting to watch the reactions and learning about the different alternatives. Marco Arment thinks that it’s actually a good thing. The App.net community is talking about solutions and alternatives. But if you want to understand why this matters to us geeks, read Matt Haughey’s in depth and excellent post.